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„TOMHAL“ company has the qualified personnel in the field of welding supervision and inspection of welded joints. Technological supervision over all operations of the welding is carried out according to PN-EN ISO 14731 by an employee who has the title of European Welding Engineer. For manufactured and repaired steel structures we perform non-destructive testing of welds by own equipment with using the following methods:

  • ultrasonic (acceptance level per PN-EN 1712)
  • magnetic particle inspection (acceptance level per PN-EN 1291)
  • visual (acceptance level per PN-EN ISO 5817)

These tests are conducted on the basis of previously agreed with the customer test plan. Personnel performing non-destructive testing of welds has all the necessary licence in accordance with European standard BS EN 473 issued by the notified unit - Welding Institute in Gliwice.