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Meeting the needs of our customers in range of precision machining of large-size constructions, we have bought NC boring machine WFT 13 CNC with modern design, for elements with weight up to 12,5 tonnes.

The machine is equipped with a CNC control system HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 (SIEMENS Sinumeric 840D), which allows to control the three axis X, Y, Z. W in binding position (line feed axis of spindle as supportive) and axis C in speed binding (4 linear axis + turntable).

The most important parameters of boring machine are:

Longitudinal crossing of table – X 4 000 mm
Vertical crossing of fixed headstock – Y 2 000 mm
Transverse crossing of stand – Z 2 000 mm
Line feed of spindle W 730 mm
Dimension of boring machine table 2 000 x 2 400 mm

Boring machine may be applied to precision coordinate boring, drilling and milling of medium-large size plates andcase objects, that are machining from steel, cast iron, brass, bronze etc.