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PRPUH „TOMHAL” perform elements of steel constructions, which are diverse in terms of dimensions and the degree of complexity. These constructions are primarily intended for engineering and construction. Constructions are perform in large batches, as well as individually.

The most important types of steel constructions produced in large batches are:

  • Elements for heavy-duty fork-lift trucks;
  • Elements for container cranes;
  • Elements for highway bridge and railway bridge constructions;
  • Elements in “frame” type for pumps;

In the area of manufacturing elements of steel structures, we cooperate primarily with following companies:

  • Zakład Produkcji Konstrukcji Stalowych i Urządzeń Przemysłowych "Mostostal Zabrze - ZPK" Sp. z o.o.
  • Vlassenroot Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • ZEKON Sp. z o.o.

Manufacturing the elements for fork-lift trucks is related to necessity of subjecting all of the designated weld by ultrasonic testing and magnetic-particle inspection.

In turn  the elements for container cranes have a characteristic dimensions (3000 x 10000mm) and very high accuracy performance. Additionally, due to relatively small thickness of used sheets, it’s necessary to use specialist instrumentation to prevent deformation of the element after welding.  This instrumentation has been designed and performed by PRPUH "TOMHAL“.

We also perform a lot of new construction units to other customers. We also provide services for the renovation and modernization of the various elements of steel structures.

An example of a unit construction is completed renovation of the elements in Salzburg train station. This construction is characterized by need to use an individual approach to develop  technology overhaul, because the elements were used to varying degrees. In addition, all work has to be agreed with representative of client due to historic character of  structure.



Many years of experience acquired during performing of steel structures,  enabled us to develop an effective and efficient technology of perform  and renovations, that meet all quality requirements of our customers.