ul. Dr Bronisława Hagera 24B
41-800 Zabrze, Poland
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NIP 648-010-61-08
REGON 273001485

N 50° 19,396'
E 18° 47,608'

The company has a numerically controlled cut machine ZINCER CNC-500 for oxygen thermal cutting of metal sheet and another elements, that allows to optimize the cutting process in terms of material utilization.

Potential in  range of thermal cutting:

  • Cutting thickness 100 mm;
  • Cutting surface 2700 x 8000mm;


For the purpose of welding process the company has its own tanks for welding gases. We also have a hydraulic press for elements bending and assembly bench for structures assembling.


As a source of current in the welding process, we use semi-automatic welding from reputable companies (OZAS-ESAB, CERDI etc.) with current strength of 300 ÷ 600A. Supplementing of this equipment are semi-automatic chamfer machines (so. „pruning shears“) that prepare  surface for welding. We also have treatment possibility of prefabricated structures, as well as elements before welding.

We have semi-automatic machine for weld performing in elements in type of „plate girder“.